The day & night care program operational 24 hours, in 2 shifts of 12 hours each. It focuses on enabling a child on a day to day basis. Each day is a new chapter in a child's life, and we at The Cradle aim to maximize the learning & happiness opportunities a new day brings. At Cradle, the child will learn, but in the watchful care of trained educators. We aim to make our children emotionally free from the constant and clingy need for a parent's presence. Instead, we hone in the child a deeper sense of emotional stability and independence which allows them the ability to gradually learn to be by themselves and explore their learning on their own.

The Cradle is an extended family to any working parent. The daycare program is specially designed for parents who are working, and thus, need a 'home away from home' for their children. Children who are school going, and need care in the evening before their parents reach homestay with us. Educators at The Cradle take special care of the emotional needs of the child just after he comes back from school, and needs a sounding board to let our all the steam.

And so, upon return from offices, parents take home with them a happy and emotionally satisfied child who is no longer cranky or sad.

The Experience and love of the Educators at The Cradle encourages us to make the statement that we have a solution for any challenge parent faces in bringing up the child.

We recommend that you come and visit the spaces and our educators, and we speak with confidence that you shall not leave the space unconvinced.

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