´╗┐About Us

YALI KIDS, the new name for The Cradle PreSchool & DayCare, is a place where a child finds a mother away from her own. It is our endeavour to create such a place in a child-centred, safe and caring environment.


Yali is a mythological creature from Hindu symbology with the head of an elephant and body of a lion. A symbolic reference to the ride of god Buddh (or goddess Buddhi) - denoting the agility and ferocity of a lion controlled by the wisdom and kind-natured mind of an elephant.


The place is enriched not only with affectionate caregivers, but also lots of toys and equipment. We provide the necessary support for children to explore their talents and interests. There is a clear focus on developmental milestones, as well as sensorial activities, so that they can be the best of what they want to be!

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(Priti Srivastava and Vishwa Schoolwallah)