Evening Activities

"I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in the world.”
-Howard Gardner
We offer a myriad range of activities in the evening. The activities are arranged keeping the season and interests of children in mind. The main activities taken through the year are as follows


The fusing of mind and body to achieve that fine balance that is critical to one's wellbeing. Even if the kids don't understand the intrinsic value of this exercise, better start them off young, so they won't crib about it when they grow older. Yoga teaches children to sit quietly as a group of individuals. We don't force the kids to focus, but we do ask the children to learn to close their eyes and respect the silence of others around them. 



Dance is an excellent way to let go of that extra energy that gets hard to control sometimes. But then again, who wants control when you can use it for the better? Dance helps our children develop balance, hand to eye coordination and spatial intelligence. It also makes them understand the value of group work and teaches them how to follow instructions. It improves the memory because they need to learn the steps and remember them.

Plus, kids learn to dance on their own rhythm, and we encourage that.


Art and Craft

Art and Craft are not just colouring shapes or drawing sceneries, just in case you were wondering. Though it might look like it, but pay a little attention and you'll come to know the many benefits Art and Craft aims to achieve. Fine Motor Skills is important for children to develop good handwriting. It also makes children observant of minute details. Plus, an excellent way of teaching children to follow instructions that are much needed in Craft activities. Art is a wonderful medium of self-expression and imagination too. For us educators, their self-expression becomes evidence of study, to know what a child thinks and is at heart.


Children look at a world with a very different eye. Their perception of what they see still needs to be consolidated. By sketching, the children learn the skill of illustrating. They learn to see things as they are and understand quantitative measurements such as height in proportion to with, depth and slant, and other such special dimensions.

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