​1 to 3 Year Old Prep Class

Fast paced parents are often heavy-hearted at the prospect of leaving their little ones in unknown hands. Add to that the onerous responsibility that comes upon us because children in this age are too young to communicate. Giving our tiny tots an immense sense of wellbeing and comfort is critical. Our toddlers are extremely new to the world - and equally sensitive to it.

For these reasons, the caregivers we have are trained to be extremely careful and empathetic to our little ones. Parents have the assurance that your babies are safe, loved and happy. 

​3-4 Year Old Prep Class

 The 3-4 year olds are a bustling bubble of energy. This is also the age when children ask questions, become observers of adults, identify their role models, become more sure about their likes and dislikes. Their fine motor skills need to practise through interventions of art and craft; and gross motor skills need ample exercise through dance, yoga and games in open gardens. Children also become aware of gender roles and preferences. 

And so, balance is our key focus for this age group. The curriculum's focus is to ensure that every child gets enough time to play, practice their listening-speaking skills, have immersive experiences in and out of their comfort zone, has visits, builds relationships with peers and grown-ups.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

A strong foundation in self and trust in their care-givers allows children to work towards higher intellectual and academic pursuits. We ensure our children move away from traditional rote learning - towards learning methodologies that prepare children for admission and success in formal schooling setups.

Our TeachTeam is nothing short of a force - with educators hailing from a diverse range of specialization, experience and abilities.

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