Parents with busy schedules often find it hard to squeeze in time to help their children with studies. With ever increasing demand for student achievement, it is imperative that your child gets individual attention - and regular follow up in their academic progress. 
We offer supporting classes / evening academic programs to ensure your child is supported and less stressed by his demanding school curriculum. 

Subject Specific Tutorship

Some children need continued support to ensure academic growth in a select few subjects, while they do wonderfully well in others. In such cases, finding a tutor for group classes or one-on-one sessions is quite an onerous task for busy parents. This is where we step in. We have a team of dedicated educators who ensure regular follow-up with students, and continued support to remedy misconceptions through engaging teaching practices. 

Grade Specific Tutorship

Certain students face issues with academic growth and learning during a particular academic year. It could be a cause of unnecessary stress for a child - often leading to health and behavioural issues. Just a little support and individualized attention from an understanding tutor is all a child needs - to ensure better engagement and academic success in school. 

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